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Timothy Parker Consulting Incorporated (TPCI) has been offering technical services for 30 years.  Originally started as a computer programming and systems analysis service, TPCI has evolved to offer many additional services, including technical documentation and training, quality assurance programs, Windows applications, and executive management.  

For reprints of books, magazine articles, reviews, and other written content, see www.tparker.com

For our FTP server and Canadian portal, see www.tpci.ca

For technical training services, see www.parkertraining.com

For quality assurance and certification programs, including Six Sigma services, see www.brightcofieldharris.com

For our Windows application suite, see www.pixelutilities.com

TPCI is a privately held company based in Richmond, Ontario, Canada. Several satellite offices and agents are maintained in the United States and United Kingdom. You can reach us through e-mail tparker@tpci.com or by snail-mail at our addresses below.


6921 Franktown Rd.
R.R. 1
Ontario K0A 2Z0



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